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The mission of the Parish is to support Women’s Health in the Diocese of the Horn.



After Bishop John's return from Ethiopia in 2011 and listening to his experiences the Parish of Beechworth like other Parishes of the Diocese felt drawn to try and make a difference in some of the lives in that place. Consequently a call went out not only to the Church members but also to the wider Community. We have been blessed by the generosity shown and have been able to donate in 2011 $3000 and also begin the task of collecting trauma teddies, school exercise books, T Shirts and other items. We pray that in some small way we may be able to make a difference to the lives of a community in Ethiopia. Our main concern is for women's health and the care of children. This is an ongoing project of the Outreach side of the Parish for to give is to love.

More about this shortly.



A Neighbourhood Centre is just that – a centre for the neighbourhood to use. The first Neighbourhood Centres were established in 1973, with the help of State Government funding. Neighbourhood Centres are special because they are managed by and for the community.

The Committee of Management and staff at the Centre share decision making on management, policies and procedures. The BNC provides and safe and accessible space for the community. Neighbourhood Centres have a special atmosphere. They are welcoming, non-threatening places where anyone can come to meet new friends, get helpful information and learn new skills.  The Beechworth Neighbourhood Centre aims to reflect the needs of our community through encouraging personal growth, offering volunteering experience and the sharing of knowledge through the provision of leisure and adult education classes.

Beechworth Neighbourhood Centre and Christ Church Anglican Church have developed a close association in care and support, making use of the Rectory for many of the classes that are run by the BNC. This joint enterprise commenced in 2010 and has been a wonderful and worthwhile union, as we see many people from all walks of life enjoying many and varied projects done with the skill and care and love that both these places bring


Prison Chaplaincy and outreach
As a part of the Outreach to the Community Beechworth Anglicans work closely with the Correctional Centre. At present the boys are commencing the Gazebo which by the time of this writning will be finished, and are actively taking part in the Restoration of the Memorial Garden and Church grounds. We have the Prison Chaplain visit the Correctional Centre on a weekly basis to bring the Church to the prisoners. As always, we are ever grateful for their work and friendship and make sure they have the obligatory BBQ's at least three times a year to say "Thank You" to them. The work they do in the wider community is greatly appreciated by all, and we only pray that on release, we have been able to bring Christ to them in a way that is non-threatening, but loving.